International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge  

Special Events

I.F.S.K. holds several workshops and special events each year throughout Florida and other areas. These events allow like-minded people to gather and see demonstrations, or learn special skills. These are taught by Marilyn and/or other highly qualified instructors, and include the following…

Understanding and Developing Your Psychic / Mediumship Skills in the British Style, learning about and practicing the British style where the key focus is on providing evidence of a person’s life, including physical and personality descriptions.


Note: You may register for any of these events online through the "Register Now" links below with a credit card or PayPal account.  If you want to pay by check, make checks payable to "I.F.S.K." and send them to 283 Thomas Drive, Casselberry, FL 32707.

In addition to any special events that may be going on, there are ongoing development classes in 6 cities around Florida. Please go to the “Development Classes” page for locations and times.


What: Mini Reading Party
Jacksonville/Orange Park  September 15th, 2024      1:00-4:00 PM
Melbourne - Not yet scheduled. But coming in 2024
Or Schedule a Mini Reading Party in your area.

Come Join Marilyn and one of her Advanced Students at this special event.  Each person attending will receive 2 mini readings of about 5-10 minutes, one each from Marilyn and her student.  These readings will be done in a group setting so everyone can enjoy the contact.  Refreshments will be served half way thru the party.  Cost will be $45.  Limited to 10 people. Contact Marilyn to register and for location.   407-247-7823


What: Retreat for Women and Men
WHEN: April 11th - 15th, 2024
WHERE: Gainesville Retreat Center, 1551 SE 51st Street, Gainesville 32641
COST: Single room $440 / Double if available $390 / Day Visit $50 ~ Limited to 8 attendees
Register below using PayPal.  Or you may also send a check made payable to I.F.S.K. to: 283 Thomas Drive, Casselberry FL 32707-4331

CONTACT: Marilyn by phone 407-247-7823  or Susan Padgett 703-509-7175 or email
Come relax and enjoy the company of liked minded people. This 4 day retreat from the world is meant to be a break from the “normal” everyday life. We have activities planned such as meditation, group healing sessions, encaustic art and one on one readings using our creations, yoga for those who enjoy that, friendly games and puzzles, fireside chats and in general time to relate and enjoy each other’s company. The food will be vegetarian as this is a non-meat environment. The food will all be home cooked by Susan or Marilyn. You have the option of a private reading with Marilyn for $40 or a private Young Living Essential Oil Foot Massage session with Susan for an extra fee of $40.