International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge  

Guest Instructors

Eamonn Downey
Eamonn Downey, an international lecturer of metaphysical subjects has filled workshops and presentation halls in Europe and the USA for over twenty years, motivating and empowering people with his concepts, delivered with deep comprehension and a savvy sense of humour.

He is a delightful and fascinating speaker, well known for his contemporary theories on the evolving human consciousness, and his interpretation skills of intuitive and energetic perception.

Eamonn is an Officiant of The British Spiritualists’ National Union. His outstanding teaching ability combined with 20 years' experience has earned him the Advanced Teaching Award from the SNU, where he also holds Certificates of Recognition for Public Speaking and Mediumship. He is a course organizer and tutor at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College. He qualified as a healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

Eamonn is Marilyn's first British medium who introduced her to the Britsh style of evidential mediumship. He is the one who encouraged her to start the International Foundaton for Spiritual Knowledge and continues to ecourage her as she works toward her goal of building the American version of the Arthur Findlay College.

See Eamonn's Website.


Jan Marshall
Janette has been spiritually and energetically aware since birth and views it, in principle, as a natural experience. Her business acumen affords her a strong, logical foundation. She is a highly versatile individual who enjoys teaching all aspects of mediumship, including the healing arts, in the UK and overseas.

Regarding herself as a technician she loves to focus to the mechanics of mediumship and ways in which to enhance and fine tune abilities. Her approach to teaching includes an avid interest in historical, scientific and creative influences, with respect for both traditional and innovative methods.

Her passion for spiritual psychology and philosophy allow her to present a comprehensive overview of the energetic relationship between every day responses and mediumistic skills. This conscious awareness facilitates a deeper understanding of energy management and how links are structured.

Janette also offers a limited number of private sessions during the year to individuals requiring readings, one to one coaching in platform mediumship, plus a wide range of other skills including sound techniques and spiritual art.

See Jan's Website.

We are currently looking to bringing Jan to America to work for the foundation.