International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge  

IFSK Mediumship Code of Conduct

The goal of the International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge is “To promote the Religion, Science and Philosophy of Spiritualism in an environment where Seekers can  explore and develop freely and safely”. Therefore the Certified Mediums of this organization are expected to honor that goal in all the work they do everywhere and to represent the IFSK organization in a manner that is Legal, Professional, Moral, Ethical and Kind, always remembering that Love is the answer to every situation and question. 


This means that IFSK Certified Mediums:

  • Will view their work as sacred and spiritual
  • Will always treat those they work with respectfully
  • Will not represent themselves as a licensed professional unless they literally are a licensed professional
  • Will be discreet at all times
  • Will give clear descriptions and explanations of the information received without using any slang or jargon words unless those words are part of that Spirit’s communication to the Sitter
  • Will give evidential information about the Spirit Communicator for identification, as well as current information about that person’s progression in the Spirit World
  • Will be physically presentable to the public