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Suggested Books to Read and Reviews

Every now and then, I will come across a book that I feel worth recommending. Below is a list of recommendations and write-ups. Each write-up may include more than one book. I hope you enjoy.

Life in the World Unseen / The Blue Island

Power vs. Force The Hidden Determinates of Human Behavior

Life's Operating Manual

Surviving Death

“What if God were the Sun?”  by John Edward  
This book is written as a novel rather than just John Edward retelling some evidence from the readings that he’s done.  The story starts out with you thinking the person telling the story is talking about his mother’s passing.  When you get to the end of the book, you realize it’s his own passing that he is talking about. You realize how he has experienced his own passing without fear or hurt.  The person telling the story explains how he views everything that happens to him and to those around him.  It is the best account of a person’s passing that I have ever read.  Reading this book hopefully will help you understand how a person’s passing actually works. taking away your fears and helps you better understanding the passing of those you love.

“The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom
This book is an easy read.  You should probably be able to read it in a few hours. It’s about an ordinary person’s life.  He dies suddenly and then meets 5 people who’s iife has crossed his life in some way or another.  As you read this book you may come to realize how interconnected we all are to each other.  And how Unconditional Love is …just simply is.   This book would be considered what a” life review” would be after a person passes.

“Hiring the Heavens” by Jean Slatter  
This is an easy book to read.  Jean Slatter wrote it in a playful style yet gets her ideas across well. She discusses how to really work with our Spirits of Creation as she calls them.  She also explains our relationship to God in a most unique sway. If you decide to read this book be sure to check out her drawing on page 63.  I heard that Edgar Cayce is credited with saying we are all one cell in the body of God.  Her drawing shows that idea very well.

Any book by Kryon